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Welcome to Montreal Dreadlocks, your trusted local destination for expert Dreadlocks, services and products. With over two decades of experience, we are committed to providing personalize solution to ensure your dreadlocks look and feel their best.

Our services

Dreadlock Creation

Unleash your unique style with custom dreadlock creations tailored to your preferences. Whether you're dreaming of natural, free-form locks or intricately styled dreads, we will bring your vision to life with precision and passion. We at Montreal Dreadlocks create dreadlocks better than no one else.

Repair Services and Maintenance

Revive and restore your dreadlocks with our expert repair services. From complete reconstruction to repairing damaged sections, we use gentle techniques to breathe new life into your locks, ensuring they remain healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Hair integration Extensions

Enhance your look with seamless hair integration extensions that blend flawlessly with your natural locks. Our premium quality extensions are meticulously crafted to match your hair texture, color, and length, providing you with a stunning and natural-looking result.

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Our Products

"Introducing our newly Exclusive Custom Dreadlocks Care Line. Elevate Your Locks with Premium Quality Products, meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty of your dreads and optimize their appearance and texture."

"Experience Refreshing Cleanliness with Our Shampoo: Elevate Your Locks Today!"
"Revive Your Locks Anytime, Anywhere: Try Our Hair Refresher Spray Now!"
"Maintain your locks MOntrealDreadlocks style with our custom crochet hooks!"